Dr. Ferdinand Thein


Curriculum vitae

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Institute for Mathematics

Staudingerweg 9
55128 Mainz

Property-controlled forging: analysis and experimental validation


Hyperbolic Balance Laws: Interplay between Scales and Randomness

R. Abgrall, M. Garavello, M. Luk\'{a}\v{c}ov\'{a}-Medvid'ov\'{a}, K. Trivisa

Oberwolfach Reports, vol. 10, 2024

Comparison of approaches for boundary feedback control of hyperbolic systems

Michael Herty, Ferdinand Thein

(submitted), 2024

Boundary Feedback Control for Hyperbolic Systems

Michael Herty, Ferdinand Thein

(submitted), 2023

Monitoring the evolution of dimensional accuracy and product properties in property-controlled forming processes

Sophie Charlotte Stebner, Juri Martschin, Bahman Arian, Stefan Dietrich, Martin Feistle, Sebastian Hütter, Rémi Lafarge, Robert Laue, Xinyang Li, Christopher Schulte, Daniel Spies, Ferdinand Thein, Frank Wendler, Malte Wrobel, Julian Rozo Vasquez, Michael Dölz, Sebastian Münstermann

Advances in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, 2023, p. 100133

Stabilization of forming proceses using multi-dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equations

Markus Bambach, Martin Gugat, Michael Herty, Ferdinand Thein

2022 61th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), CDC Proceedings, 2022

New Machine Tool Control for Hot Forming of Lightweight Materials

Martin Feistle, Simon Burger, Rui Li, Markus Bambach, Ferdinand Thein, Michael Herty

36. ASK Forming Technology, 2022

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